October 3, 2017

Crush Compliance Training
– Get your team excited!


Compliance training is relevant for all businesses, but for companies in highly regulated industries such as aerospace, pharmaceutical and financial services it’s absolutely  crucial.

Employees taking too long or not completing mandatory training could result in catastrophic outcomes. Money, careers, the company’s reputation, and even lives can be at stake if compliance isn’t made an integral part of corporate culture.

An issue we often see with our customers is that when mentioned, compliance training is met with glazed-over eyes and barely suppressed groans. It’s labeled as basic box-checking – a mundane necessity that must be completed due to boring legislation.

The issue is that in many cases compliance training is treated as knowledge training, yet what it’s really about is  behavioral change. When training focuses on content without fully explaining why compliance is important the risk of it being ignored increases drastically. So how do you explain its value and crush it when it comes to compliance training?

Make it great – make it relate!

Training can be made relatable to learners’ roles and day-to-day tasks. Create training that offers a perspective from their position and the challenges they face on a regular basis. Not only will the training be more relevant, but learners will be more likely to actually remember what they learned when experiencing these situations.

Once upon a time…

Emotions matter when you have to get learners excited about compliance training. Make sure to wrap up your content in an engaging and well-presented story. Start out by presenting a challenge or problem that relates to what the learner cares about, explore the event surrounding the issue, and then make use of the story to teach a lesson.

Testing that matters

Apply meaningful quizzes and tests for your leaners to confirm and reinforce their knowledge. Instead of using the parrot-fashion recall of information, you should challenge them with real-world practical scenarios to test if new knowledge is truly understood.

May the best person win!

Who doesn’t like a little healthy competition? What better way to get your employees excited about compliance than incentivizing them with rewards? For example, “Learner of the Month” trophies, gift cards, mini-trips or other goodies for those that perform at the top level on the Leaderboard.

Keep it flexible

A big factor when it comes to training is how it’s delivered. Few people look forward to spending six hours in an over-air-conditioned meeting room, hearing someone read off a slide deck. With online compliance training you can provide your leaners flexibility with regards to when and where to learn.

Communication is key

Explain WHY compliance training is important and how it impacts the company and the individual. In some cases it’s about conveying the message that the company policy really does save lives. In others, the senior team endorsing the rationale and benefits of compliance training with a positive and motivated attitude can turn around the cultural approach and trickle down to the rest of the organization.

From the user perspective getting your learners involved and engaged is the first step towards crushing compliance training. As an administrator there are also some vital steps you need to consider. Stay tuned for the follow-up blog post that offers insight into compliance from the administrator’s standpoint.