2020, January 22

LMS365 Webinar

Boost Your Productivity in LMS365 with Microsoft Power Automate

Are you running too fast in your administrative role within learning management? Do you have too many trivial or manual tasks? Could there be different ways of doing and managing your tasks within your Learning Management Solution? 

Join this webinar and get inspired on scenarios where it makes sense to automate repetitive and time-consuming admin tasks within LMS365. We will show examples of flow scenarios that can:

  • Improve reporting
  • Create learning cycles
  • Ensure SOP compliance
Discover opportunities or new ways of doing and managing your administrative tasks within LMS365. The meeting will be about when to build a flow with Microsoft Power Automate and not how to build a flow.

Join us on February 5th, 2020 at 11 AM (CET - European time zone) and 11 AM (EST - US time zone). All registrants will receive the webinar recording.

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