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  • Accelerate growth with Office 365

    Pabst Brewing Company uses LMS365 to within their Office 365 intranet to accelerate growth and share learning content, addressing the overall need of consistent training. Pabst Learning portal will evolve to be the all-in-one destination for training and development for the entire organization.

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  • Cost-effective learning
    with Office 365

    Assevero used Office 365® and LMS365 to deliver content in a reliable and cost-effective way and to track participant progress. Content was organized and made available in the LMS365 learning path and delivered to learners through the course catalog.

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  • Engage local community with Office 365

    Success Metrics sought out a solution that supported their existing Microsoft investment and would work well with the company’s growing size of 120+ users. They selected LMS365 Cloud because they saw the solution as the best option in the market to support their needs.

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  • Product Release: Cloud Enrollment Flow and Email Notifications

    We are excited to announce the new release of LMS365 Cloud. This new version of our Office 365 LMS includes powerful tools for the enrollment process in courses.

    The 2 new major features of the release are added to the Course Creator & Catalog Add-in:

    • Enrollment Flow Management feature
    • Email notification feature
    Screen shot of new LMS365 Cloud features for Enrollment Flow and Email notifications in Office 365

    Enrollment Flow

    Courses are not always allowed to be access by every one in a company, but with the enrollment flow features a company can ensure that courses with special permissions have management approval before an employee can access the course.

    Enrollment approval is divided into 3 levels:

    • LMS Administrator approval (owners of site where course catalog is installed)
    • Line Manager approval (AD manager only)
    • Automatic approval (requests are automatically created with status enrolled)

    Email Notifications

    Ensure that users are notified about their training activities through email. LMS365’s email notifications feature does just that. A company can set up a number of email templates for different scenarios and will send out notifications based on these scenarios through Office 365 (by default).

    Configurable email templates:

    • Enrollment Approval Request/Reminder
    • Confirmation for Course Completed/Enrollment/Cancellation/Pending Approval/Reject

    Other enhancements

    • New and improved User Interface and flow for the Course Creation and update pages
    • LMS Settings Page in Course Catalog Settings (for managing enrollment flows and notifications)
    • Pending Approval tabs in Dashboard and Course Catalog add-in Part
    • Changes in the course list such as:
      • Option to filter courses with requests that are pending approval
      • Page with course requests with ability to export to excel

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  • Product Release: LMS365 | Quiz Builder

    We are excited to announce the release of the LMS365 | Quiz Builder feature for our cloud learning management system in Office 365. The Add-in is now available in the Office Store

    Screen shot of new LMS365 quiz builder feature for Office 365

    What is the Quiz Builder?

    LMS365 consists of Add-ins for Office 365 to build a complete learning management environment within Office 365. The Quiz Builder Add-in makes it possible to create, deliver and track quizzes to support learning processes.

    Why using quizzes?
    The effectiveness of online training is crucial to measure. With the new Quiz features employees can test themselves and the knowledge they gain from their training. Managers can get an overview of the results and determine if further training is required. Finally, training managers will get valuable input to evaluate the quality of their eLearning content.

    Quiz Builder Highlights

    • Select between 3 question types: Multiple Choice, Multiple Answers and True/False.
    • Share quizzes across courses and team sites within the same Site Collection.
    • Add quizzes as standalone learning modules or include them into multi content learning modules.
    • Generate advanced reporting and track results on learner or quiz level
    • Define max attempts and set the quiz passing score.

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  • Product Release: LMS365 | Training Dashboard

    We are excited to announce the release of the LMS365 | Training Dashboard feature for our cloud learning management system in Office 365. It include a leader board.

    The Training Dashboard gives learners an instant, personalized training overview showing all enrolled courses, courses in progress, completed courses, Continuing Education Units (CEUs), certificates obtained and a Leader board ranking up to top 10 learners.

    Using the leader board, user can create a friendly, yet competitive learning environment where learners will be motivated by receiving the recognition and rewards they desire.

    At the same time, it allows you to drive your training objectives and stimulate learners to get involved in self-directed learning and professional development.

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  • Connect OneNote and your Class Notebook to LMS365

    OneNote Class Notebook is a powerful Microsoft product that includes a personal workspace for every student, a content library for handouts, and a collaboration space for lessons and creative activities.

    LMS365 Cloud now works together with Microsoft OneNote

    The OneNote team has recently updated OneNote Class Notebook add-in including LMS assignment and grade integration.

    Once OneNote is connected to LMS365, you can select a OneNote page and easily create an assignment entry into the LMS. This allows the OneNote information to show up in the LMS assignment and calendar components and integrate with the workflow teachers are already using. In addition, when you create an assignment, the page will be copied to the section you choose for all student private notebooks.

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  • SCORM Player 365 Wins Two Office App Awards

    13 July 2015 | Orlando FL USA

    SCORM Player 365—part of LMS 365®, the leading Learning Management Suite for Office 365®—took home wins in two of Microsoft's most coveted categories.

  • Targeted employee training with Office 365

    Satfiel uses LMS365 within their Office 365 intranet to provide targeted training of users in specific internal departments. They can now track and view the training progress of each individual learner using their own environment.

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  • Transforming teaching and learning at Isle of Wight College with LMS365

    Microsoft UK has published the Isle of Wight case story on their blog.

    The deployment of LMS365 together with a well-developed and increasingly successful bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy is beginning to transform teaching and learning at the College. Learners are becoming more independent, and lecturers are able to support them, individually and as groups, rather than simply deliver content.

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