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  • Industry:Nonprofit - Human Services

    Location: Minnesota, United States

    Established 1923


    Project delivered by

    Having a system that is integrated into a program we already use (SharePoint) helps us disseminate information more efficiently, thereby creating better person-centered care for the individuals they support.

    Jessica Hammer
    Instructional Design & Tech Specialist
  • Industry:Machine Manufacturers

    Location:UK, Germany, China, USA, Brazil, Italy, Japan, India and Australia

    In use since:2016

    Website: www.anca.com

    Project delivered by

    LMS365 gave us a one solution across all locations that others really were not able to.

    Wayne Young
    Group HR Manager
  • Industry:Cybersecurity Consulting

    Location:Annapolis, MD, USA

    In use since: February 2015

    Website: www.assevero.com

    Project delivered by
    ELEARNINGFORCE International

    LMS365 works well for us. It is inexpensive and easy to use, yet has advanced administrative features.

    Michael Covert
    President & CEO
  • Industry:Lifting and Lashing Equipment

    Location:Stockholm, Sweden

    In use since:2016

    Website: www.axload.com

    Project delivered by
    ELEARNINGFORCE International

    LMS365 allowed us to deliver training to all Office 365 user instantly - the beauty of cloud based and integrated solutions.

    William P. Frank
    Project Manager
  • Industry:Transport and Logistics

    Location: Esbjerg, Denmark

    In production since: 2017


    Project delivered by
    ELEARNINGFORCE International

    There is simply no better platform for communication, collaboration and learning. Also the last thing we needed was to deploy and maintain yet another service to train the workforce on our new digital workspace

    Andreas Mouritsen
    IT project lead
  • Industry:Funeral, Cemetery, Manufacturing.

    Location: Indianapolis, United States

    Establised 1998

    In use since: 2017


    Project delivered by

    "LMS365 has been a perfect fit for Buchanan Group due to its flexibility. It has all the features needed to handle our more complicated and demanding courses, but even simple courses can still be set up with just a few clicks."

    John Meyer
    VP of Information Technology
  • Industry:Govermental

    Location: Ballarat, Australia



    Project delivered by

    LMS365 was seen to best support our enterprisewide learning and development initiatives as it tightly integrated with the Azure Directory Services/Office 365 architecture. LMS365 offers great potential for us to support our 70-20-10 blended learning strategy.

    Ross Lord
    Learning Capability Officer
  • Industry:Financial Services

    Location:Burlingame, CA, USA

    Number of learners:100

    In use since: 2014

    Website: www.complianceease.com

    Project delivered by
    ELEARNINGFORCE International

    We are extremely pleased with having selected ELEARNINGFORCE as our vendor for SCORM-based training management and delivery. They have done a fantastic job supporting us, satisfying our unique needs and most importantly enhancing the platform that we are dependent on and that is an important part of our employee development.

    Frank Tuttle
    SVP Technology
  • Industry:Financial services

    Location: California, United States

    Established 2001


    Project delivered by
    ELEARNINGFORCE International

    They've made a commitment to keep
    improving LMS365. We've seen that and it validates the investment that we've made

    Frank Tuttle
    Senior Vice President of Technology
  • Industry:Civil Engineering

    Location: Baton Rouge, LA, United States

    In production since: 2016


    Project delivered by
    ELEARNINGFORCE International

    Implementing LMS365 has been a catalyst in increasing the overall use of our company intranet as employees are now accessing regularly to complete training.

    Sam Amoroso
    Forte & Tablada
  • Industry:Industrial Engineering

    Location: Chullora, New South Wales

    Established 1954


    Project delivered by

    LMS365 was an answer to a paper-based training system which was time consuming
    and inefficient. We were excited to learn that LMS365 integrates well with Office 365 which meant one less separate system. Our users have found it easy to use and have been powering through the training that is currently offered. We have no regrets in implementing this system and look forward to utilising it further.

    Julie Headford
    IT Web Developer
  • Industry:Further Education

    Location:The Isle of Wight, UK



    In use since: 2014

    Website: iwcollege.ac.uk

    Project delivered by
    ELEARNINGFORCE International

    LMS365 transforms Office 365 into a true learning environment.

    Adrian Trill
    Web Development & Data Analysis
  • Industry:Legal services

    Location: Bolton, UK



    Project delivered by
    ELEARNINGFORCE International

    I’m delighted to say that we’ve seen delivery after delivery of that roadmap, and seen the roadmap itself enhanced over time. LMS365 couldn’t be a better fit for our approach to learning solutions

    John Salt
  • Industry:Glass Container Manufacturer

    Location: Ohio, United States

    Established 1903


    Project delivered by
    ELEARNINGFORCE International

    The interface is user-friendly and straightforward. Our successful adoption
    is to a great extent attributed to the
    LMS365 dashboard and its interface.”

    Christian Cherlea
    Europa SAP Knowledge Lead
  • Industry:Sustainable Technologies

    Location: De Lier, Zuid-Holland

    In production since: 2016


    Project delivered by
    ELEARNINGFORCE International

    LMS365 is the right fit for Priva because we already use SharePoint Online for multiple purposes. Additionally, the integration with standard Microsoft tools is important because we also use Microsoft tools to
    build Priva cloud services for our customers.”

    Rob Schoones
    Product Market Team Manager
  • Industry:Real Estate

    Location: Texas, United States

    Established 2000


    Project delivered by

    It was an extremely pleasant surprise when I discovered that LMS365 developed what has proven to be an intuitive and useful add-in for Microsoft Teams. Now, we can collocate learning courses and training plans we have authored alongside the conversation and file collaboration experience already native within Teams”

    Alex Cross
    Knowledge Manager
  • Industry:Service and repair

    Location:Penafiel, Portugal

    In use since: November 2014

    Website: www.satfiel.com

    Project delivered by
    ELEARNINGFORCE International

    We found LMS365 to be an intuitive user-friendly application that was perfectly adaptable to our Office 365/SharePoint Online intranet portal. Our training needs are now almost fulfilled and we rely on LMS365 to continually bring new features and developments to ease our training process.

    João Pinto
    Training Manager
  • Industry:Management Consulting

    Location:St. Louis, Missouri, USA

    In use since: February 2016

    Website: www.success-metrics.com/

    Project delivered by
    Strategic Partner Immersion Technology Services (ITS)

    ITS guided Success Metrics through the implementation process of LMS365 in the cloud and helped establish the learning environment that addressed our needs and the needs of our customer.

    Cozy Marks
    President, Success Metrics
  • Industry:Custom Fiberglass Pultrusions manufacturer

    Location: North Dakota, United States

    In production since: 2018


    Project delivered by

    We’re heavy users of SharePoint and we’re going to stretch the limits with LMS365. There is a lot on the roadmap and we’re going to be using it for almost every type of learning activity in every job role.

    Teniah Davidson
    Instructional Designer
  • Industry:Retail Medical

    Location: West Palm Beach, FL

    Established 1999


    Project delivered by

    You have certain expectations of a LMS regardless of the provider, but the power of LMS365’s ability to leverage Office 365
    content and turn it into courses quickly is a major differentiator...

    Bob Slauter
    Senior Manager, Training