Core Learning Services

Find, evaluate and purchase all your courses for LMS365 from multi-vendors through one source.

Cost-effective eLearning courses for your staff

To fulfil more of your organizations learning needs through digital content, LMS365 can be delivered with training content/courses from Core Learning Services. Find, evaluate and purchase high quality,  off-the-shelf eLearning  from the extensive catalogue of over 2,400 titles within categories such as compliance, business skills and safety. Core Learning Services provides a highly cost-effective, multi-vendor one-stop-shop for all your online learning resources.    

Do you want to take LMS365 for a spin?

“We are delighted to be a partner of LMS365, to empower and enable LMS365 customers to extend their use of this powerful learning platform to support the widest range of organisational learning needs”

Tony Small, Sales Director, Core Learning Services