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The most effective learning tool implemented directly into you learning management system.

ELEARNINGFORCE partners with the course content provider ClipTraining, who delivers a library of Microsoft Office and Windows training to educate, update and support.

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  • Boost Productivity

    Improve your skills and knowledge with the software you use every day. Imagine working with an expert by your side!

  • Save time! Save money!

    Learners save hours each month which means lower support costs, higher productivity, and unbeatable ROI.

  • Task-based Videos

    To-the-point instructions help you retain more from each lesson and make it easy to refresh your knowledge anytime.

  • Learn in the Cloud

    With a cloud-based learning portal and mobile friendly design, you can improve your skills from anywhere.
"We’re excited to offer our library of courses on the LMS365 platform. Organizations using Office365’s online and desktop apps now have powerful learning resources on-demand to gain the full ROI of Microsoft’s offering"

Tim Duggan
CEO of ClipTraining