2019, June 19

LMS365 v3.7 Release Highlights

We are very excited to announce the release of version 3.7 of LMS365! In this update we have made extensive improvements of the LMS365 content player in order to create a better user experience for your learners. It is now much more intuitive to navigate through the courses. Check out the video below for a walkthrough of the new content player. Find all release notes here.

    1. The Course Status Page
    2. Navigate to other courses in Training Plans
    3. The Player User Interface
    4. Quiz navigation improvements
    5. Review Mode to the Player
    6. Inviting External Users in Classic
    7. Possibility to remove users from the Learner List

The Course Status Page

The status page can be seen after completing a quiz or content package. This gives the learner a list of various relevant information about the content they have just completed. It is also possible to navigate to the course player review mode from the status page.

Navigate to other courses in Training Plans

It is now possible to navigate to other courses withing the same Training Plan without leaving the course player.

The Player User Interface

We made changes to the course player layout to make the learners progress as clear as possible. You can navigate through all the menu points in the learning module at any point. The progress of each learning element will also have a status, making it very easy to see which elements are completed, not completed or not started.

Quiz navigation improvements

The quiz has been made more intuitive to navigate through and it is now easier to distinguish between the different question types. Learners will also be able to navigate back and fourth between questions regardless of them being answered or not.

Review Mode to the Player

As mentioned before, the review mode can be accessed from the status page after completing a piece of content. This makes it possible for learners to go back and review their training without starting a new attempt. In the review mode, learners will be able to go through their answers one by one. The amount of information that the learner is able to see is defined by the LMS administrator.

Inviting External Users in Classic

Until August customers utilizing the SharePoint classic user interface should still invite external users in the "old" way. From August external users must be invited in the new and improved way by adding users directly from the Learner List in LMS365.

Possibility to remove users from the Learner List

Now it is also possible to remove added users from the learner list. If users have been added via an AD group, removing them should also happen through the AD group. After that they will automatically disappear from the learner list after synchronization. If you need to remove an entire AD group, it currently must be done using API. Alternatively you can contact our support and have us do it.