2019, May 7

Penspen develops a culture of learning with LMS365

Penspen Develops A Culture Of Learning With LMS365

With over 65 years in the Oil & Gas Industry, Penspen has worked on over 10,000 projects in over 100 countries around the globe and tackled almost any conceivable challenge in the industry. Penspen’s initial challenge was to find ways on how to share knowledge and ensure knowledge transfer among the colleagues.

The second challenge was to provide an area for training style content, where existing training content could be reassessed and formalized but also provide the appropriate recognition to the employees, who have spent time learning. Therefore, Penspen needed a solution, onto which they could translate their requirements to provide compliance and mandatory training, track attendance and completion.

Find out about Penspen's journey with LMS365 and the organization's plans for the future with LMS365.

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