Easily create and manage external users within Microsoft 365

This tool simplifies the management of external user accounts in Microsoft 365, making it easy to share content and users granted access to a company’s SharePoint online site, but are not licensed within that organization.

What is an external user?

An external user is someone who has been granted access to your SharePoint Online site but is not a licensed user within your organization. Examples of external users are partners, customers, clients, volunteers etc. – anyone who does not have a company email domain.

How external365 improves upon your current solution

Standard External User Access


Inviting Users

  • Single user invites only
  • Expires after a certain amount of days


Managing Users

  • Active or disabled/delete
  • No custom properties
  • No hierarchy information
  • No use of groups

External User Access


Inviting Users

  • No association of email necessary
  • Single user invites or bulk creation
  • Bulk update


Managing Users

  • Custom properties
  • Hierarchy information
  • Add users to groups
  • Segregated management
  • User self-service password reset

external365 SaaS Agreement