February 8, 2016

In the top 50 of best LMS’


ELEARNINGFORCE is proud to announce that SharePoint LMS and LMS365 is in the top 50 LMS report for 2016. The e-learning analyst, speaker and author, Craig Weiss, has analyzed over 600 LMS’ worldwide and collected the best in a top 50 report. SharePoint LMS and LMS365 made it to #21

I want to congratulate once more for making a terrific product. Out of 690, yours was one of the best in the industry. The best in the world.
Craig Weiss
CEO, E-Learning 24/7

In the report, each LMS is presented in a profile overview that shows the aspects on which Mr Weiss evaluated the LMS. These aspects include fees, pricing, data security/privacy, latest features, roadmap, hosting, support and training.