Effective Microsoft 365
adoption with LMS365

Leverage Microsoft's new Learning Pathways to ensure better Microsoft 365 adoption by delivering and tracking the training in LMS365. Target the right learners, customize and add your own materials, track learner progress and report training activities.

Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways

Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways is custom training content developed by Microsoft to help increase usage and adoption of Microsoft technologies. The training content - delivered free of charge - is kept up to date as it is connected to an online catalog of Microsoft training content. By integrating it with LMS365 you have unlimited possibilities for reporting, tracking and audience targeting. This is key to ensuring the necessary organizational change management needed for Microsoft 365 adoption.

Available in Microsoft Teams and SharePoint

Access training through LMS365 to have all courses and materials available in Microsoft Teams and SharePoint within your existing Microsoft 365 platform. This means that the training content is brought right to your learners in a familiar environment. Learn more about the features of LMS365 in Microsoft Teams.

  • Automatic setup

    Deploy LMS365 and Microsoft Learning Pathways to your Office tenant within hours. All content is automatically arranged in courses, which can be accessed and managed within LMS365.
  • Microsoft 365 Adoption

    Adopting new technologies can be difficult and time consuming for your employees. Make the task easier by assigning them the right training directly to their preferred environment.
  • Personalized Training Plans

    Create training plans to ensure that the necessary adoption training is available for the correct learners. Assign the training to specific learners or make the training accessible on their Dashboard.
  • Tracking & Reporting

    Keep track of your Microsoft 365 adoption with the reporting capabilities of LMS365. Use Power BI dashboards to provide nice visual reports to track and report on corporate learning activities.
  • Certificates

    Give your learners a real-life proof of their efforts with LMS365 certificates. Automatically assign certificates and award it to your learners after a successfully completed course.
  • Customize and add your own material

    With the M365LP training you'll get access to a wide variety of Microsoft adoption training. Add your own specialized or company-specific training to make the learning fit your organization.