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Press Release: LMS365 Learning Management Platform Achieves Rapid Acceptance

LMS365 sales activity eight months ahead of expectations

Aarhus, Denmark March 16, 2016 – ELEARNINGFORCE, the company behind learning management solutions based on Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft SharePoint, announced today that sales activity associated with LMS365 for Office 365 has consistently outpaced expectations for the last five months.

LMS365 enables businesses to embed state-of-the-art yet intuitive LMS technology into their existing SharePoint On-Premises, Hybrid, and Online implementations. The goal is not just to allow businesses to get more out of the platforms they already have, but also to seamlessly embed learning directly into every part of the daily work process.

“As companies rapidly embraced cloud solutions and Office 365, it was clear that the demand for LMS capabilities on Office 365 would increase,” said Lars Vestergaard, VP of Sales at ELEARNINGFORCE. “The surprise for us is that LMS365 sales activity in the Office 365 space at the beginning of 2016 is eight months ahead of where we expected it to be. This says a lot about the accelerating acceptance of Office 365 as a learning platform.”
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“To make training easily accessible, we required a solution that integrated well with our existing Microsoft stack of products,” said Rafael Garcia, Technology Training Manager at Pabst Blue Ribbon. “LMS365 was a perfect fit because it would sit on our Office 365 portal, blend learning into everyone’s daily work experience, and enable rapid deployment of new training programs. That we wouldn’t have to host our own LMS and that everyone would intuitively know how to use it were icing on the cake.”

As is typical of most cloud solutions, LMS365 can be set up in minutes and the reach is global. Delivering course modules, quizzes, SCORM content, and course catalogs to any learner group and within any business process requires only a few clicks, and there’s no extra login for learners.

“We rely on integrated solutions to add to the Office 365 experience,” said Rob Howard, director, Office 365 Ecosystem, Microsoft. “This integration makes it easy to deliver training to a company’s workforce which is a significant and measurable value for businesses.”

Lars Vestergaard pointed out that while ELEARNINGFORCE is excited about the accelerating acceptance of LMS365 for Office 365, the company expects LMS365 for both SharePoint On-Premises and Hybrid to remain a strategic product for years to come. Sales activity in this space continues to grow and ELEARNINGFORCE remains committed to LMS365 investment for all versions of SharePoint.


ELEARNINGFORCE products bring effective learning management to Office 365 and SharePoint. LMS365 blends seamlessly with any established Microsoft infrastructure, eliminating expensive integration, time-consuming development, and unwanted complexity. Learners intuitively access learning plans, courses, personal progress reports, certificates, and more—from anywhere within the daily SharePoint business process.

ELEARNINGFORCE International started in 2003 and now has 4+ million users in more than 40 countries worldwide. ELEARNINGFORCE is a Microsoft Strategic and Gold Partner.


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