Learning Management for
the Modern Digital Workplace

Boost your workforce performance with mobile learning

  • Online training on all mobile devices

    Completing learning activities has never been more convenient. The intuitive app for LMS365 provides easy access to all courses a learner is enrolled into.

    On their mobile device, learners can from anywhere view courses they completed, are in progress and courses not yet started.
  • Access and complete courses offline

    Not connected to the internet? No problem.

    A SCORM offline player is available within the app, allowing users to download HTML5 compliant SCORM Packages and complete each course without an online connection. Next time the learner connects to the Internet, all data will be synchronized.*

    *The LMS365 Mobile App is free. It you want use the offline SCORM player it will require a separate license.
  • Get it now

    The LMS365 app is available for the latest version of LMS365 and provides easy access from mobile devices at any time and from anywhere.

    Go to your App Store to download the LMS365 app now.