September 14, 2020

LMS365 Upcoming September 2020 Release

We are very excited to announce the upcoming September 2020 release for LMS365!

Below you will see an overview of the new improvements.

We’re pleased to announce the upcoming September release of LMS365! The roll-out will commence Monday 28th of September and will be staged across our Regional Data Centers:


Northern Europe DC: between 05:00hrs and 07:00hrs (UTC+1h)

UK South DC: between 05:10hrs and 07:10hrs (UTC +1h)

Germany West Central DC: between 06:20hrs and 08:20hrs (UTC +2h)

Central US DC: between 01:00hrs and 03:00hrs (UTC -4h)

US Government DC: between 01:00hrs and 03:00hrs (UTC -4h)

Central Canada DC: between 01:00hrs and 03:00hrs (UTC -4h)

Japan East DC: between 21:00hrs and 23:00hrs (UTC +9h)

Australia East DC: between 20:00hrs and 22:00hrs (UTC +10h)


No downtime is expected but some performance degradation might occur during the deployment.

Training Dashboard “New Look” updates

We are adding additional capabilities to the New Look for My Training Dashboard. Among other things: CEU and Leaderboard sections, Search and Filteringupdates to Transcript section as well as a number of updates to User Experience based feedback during preview. 

Please note

With the later November 2020 release the “New Look” for My Training Dashboard will be generally enabled and the default look for all tenants – and as such for all users of LMS365.   

If needed, the individual user will still be able to switch back and forth between “New Look” and “Classic Look”. This switching option will be available during a transition period, until the “Classic Look” is eventually removed from LMS365 at a later time. 

We encourage all LMS365 clients who have not yet done so, to enable “Preview New Look” for My Training Dashboard following the September release, to allow selected users to begin to explore and get used to the new dashboard. 

Transcript Document Changes

The Learner Transcript section in My Training Dashboard will be improved with the “New Look”, and at the same time we will align the Transcript experience across the product – to ensure that My Training Dashboard, Learner List, and Line Manager’s Dashboard present information in a similar manner. For the PDF versions, learner’s organization information will be added.

API Improvements

We are adding additional API operators to work with registration properties via API as well as to enable renaming Course Catalog URL after it has been changed via SharePoint.