January 11, 2021

LMS365 Upcoming January 2021 Release

We are very excited to announce the upcoming January 2021 release for LMS365!

Below you will see an overview of the new improvements.

We’re pleased to announce the upcoming January 2021 release of LMS365! The roll-out will commence Monday 25th of January and will be staged across our Regional Data Centers:


Northern Europe DC: between 05:00hrs and 07:00hrs (UTC+1h)

UK South DC: between 05:00hrs and 07:00hrs (UTC +1h)

Germany West Central DC: between 06:00hrs and 08:00hrs (UTC +2h)

Central US DC: between 01:00hrs and 03:00hrs (UTC -4h)

US Government DC: between 01:00hrs and 03:00hrs (UTC -4h)

Central Canada DC: between 01:00hrs and 03:00hrs (UTC -4h)

Japan East DC: between 21:00hrs and 23:00hrs (UTC +9h)

Australia East DC: between 20:00hrs and 22:00hrs (UTC +10h)


No downtime is expected but some performance degradation might occur during the deployment.

My Training Dashboard

With this release we are adding a My Team’s Training Status to the Overview section which provides Line Managers with an overview of the training of their direct reports.

We are also adding some adjustments to the look of Transcript section and CEU section.

LMS365 for Microsoft Teams

For LMS365 for Microsoft Teams release we are making quite a few additions and changes. We are enabling LMS365 Management areas to open and work inside the Team App itself. This means that the Course and Training Plan management panels will now work from a Training home page inside Teams. The Line Manager dashboard now also opens directly inside the Dashboard tab in Teams. And we are introducing a new Manage tab in the LMS365 App for Microsoft Teams, which provides access to LMS365 Admin directly from within Teams.

In addition, LMS365 for Microsoft Teams is now approved and “whitelisted” by Microsoft as 3rd party app in Microsoft Teams mobile app. This means that LMS365 is now available for users from their Microsoft Teams mobile app as well.

Improvements to taking training in Training Plans

With this release we are making several improvements to taking training in Training Plans. We are making it possible to Learners to directly start a Course from the Training Plan home page. Inside the Learning Player the Learners will have access to a Course Overview page from the Course Syllabus in the Player. The Learner will also be able to navigate between Courses in the Training Plan.

Improvements to Classroom, Blended and Webinar course types

For Classroom & Blended and Webinar Course Types we are enabling the Instructor or Course Admin to easily send a message to all Learners enrolled in a session. Furthermore, when a course completion is triggered by marking Learners’ attendance in a course session, the Learner’s course completion date will now be registered as the last day of the session instead of the date that the attendance is registered.

Easy way to enroll multiple individuals into Courses, Training Plans and Sessions

With this release we are making it possible to enroll a list multiple individual Learners to a Course as well as in a Session in a Course. Similar to what is possible on Learner List, this is done by typing or copy & pasting multiple emails or names separated by comma or semicolon.

Improvements to Course Management panel

With this release we are making improvements to the Course and Training Plan Management panel to make it easier to find the management actions available. We are changing the order of the management actions to more logically group similar actions together, and we are adding visual divider lines between groups.

We are also grouping together Manage SCORM, Learning Modules, Quizzes and External Apps into sub-actions under a Manage Course Content heading. The Course Reports for each type of course content have been elevated to a single action, which allow the Admin to select the relevant course content report directly from the Course Management panel

Redesign and usability improvements for LMS365 Admin and selected Course Management areas

As part of the general efforts to modernize LMS365 user interfaces and user experiences we have redesigned Manage Ratings and Approve Enrollments areas in Course Management for this release.

Following the update of breadcrumbs in LMS365 Admin areas in the previous release, with this release the breadcrumbs will also be made clickable, to provide a quick navigation option in LMS365 Admin.

Improvements to LMS365 Mobile App

In the latest version of the LMS365 Mobile App we have updated the Course Catalog look to align it with the Mobile App Dashboard New Look. In addition, we have added a logo animation on the login page to make an even nicer first impression.

Note: The latest version of the LMS365 Mobile App update is already rolled out and approved in Apple App Store and Google Play Store.