February 22, 2021

LMS365 Upcoming March 2021 Release

We are very excited to announce the upcoming March 2021 release for LMS365!

Below you will see an overview of the new improvements.

We’re pleased to announce the upcoming March 2021 release of LMS365! The roll-out will commence Tuesday 9th of March and will be staged across our Regional Data Centers:


Northern Europe DC: between 05:00hrs and 07:00hrs (UTC+1h)

UK South DC: between 05:00hrs and 07:00hrs (UTC +1h)

Germany West Central DC: between 06:00hrs and 08:00hrs (UTC +2h)

Central US DC: between 01:00hrs and 03:00hrs (UTC -4h)

US Government DC: between 01:00hrs and 03:00hrs (UTC -4h)

Central Canada DC: between 01:00hrs and 03:00hrs (UTC -4h)

Japan East DC: between 21:00hrs and 23:00hrs (UTC +9h)

Australia East DC: between 20:00hrs and 22:00hrs (UTC +10h)


No downtime is expected but some performance degradation might occur during the deployment.

A seamless LMS365 user experience in Microsoft Teams

We are continuously working to fine-tune the experience of LMS365 in Teams to further enable learners and LMS365 admins to leverage Teams for learning activities.

With this version, we are excited to introduce UI improvements that will make it more intuitive for users to add learning content to Teams channels.

Also, we are working to introduce the first iterations of LMS365 notifications in Teams. With this release, learners will receive notifications in Microsoft Teams when they have enrolled in or unenrolled from a course or training plan. For future releases, this scope is planned to be widened.

Continued focus on session- based training

Session-based training types are an important offering of the LMS365 product and we want to ensure an exceptional user experience for virtual sessions as well as classroom training. As part of this effort, we are continuing our work to further improve the features of these training types.

With this release, we will make it easier and quicker for course admins to create several course sessions in a row with the possibility to clone an existing session.

Also, we will include improvements to the session-based email notifications. Most notably by introducing separate notification templates for Webinar and Classroom course enrollment and enrollment cancellation that will include session information.

Finally, we will provide course admins with apparent information on available seats in sessions to ensure clarity on availability with enrollment.

Improvements to email notifications

We aim to deliver a notification tool that makes the flow of information around courses run as smooth as possible. With the coming release, we are happy to announce changes that takes LMS365 further in this direction.

We will introduce new features that will make it easier to understand the consequences of customizing notification templates. Also, we will add an ability for the LMS365 admin to reset a template to the product default.

Further options to easily message course participants

Recently, we introduced the option to send email messages to learners enrolled in a session directly from the Session Management Panel. With the coming release, we will offer similar functionality on a course and training plan level. This means course and catalog admins will now be able to send information to course participants with only a few clicks from the Course Management Panel.

Improved usability for the Learner Progress view & the Course Catalog

As part of the general effort to modernize the LMS365 user interface and experience, this release will bring updates to the Learners’ Progress view and the Course Catalog.

Details on learners’ progress will now be listed in a panel where admins can sort, filter, and search to find and manage details on individual learners’ progress. In the Course Catalog, the callout with information on a course has been redesigned for improved usability.

LMS365 mobile app updates

Following this release, more features and possibilities have been introduced to the LMS365 mobile app.

With this update, we will engage mobile users further in the learning experience by enabling the Overview section of My Training Dashboard in the mobile app.

In the general product, we recently introduced the option for learners to retake courses. This possibility has now, also, become available in the mobile app, allowing learners to revisit course content on-the-go. This update is already available in the latest version of the LMS365 Mobile app in app stores.