November 9, 2020

LMS365 Upcoming November 2020 Release

We are very excited to announce the upcoming November 2020 release for LMS365!

Below you will see an overview of the new improvements.

We’re pleased to announce the upcoming November release of LMS365! The roll-out will commence Monday 23rd of November and will be staged across our Regional Data Centers:


Northern Europe DC: between 05:00hrs and 07:00hrs (UTC+1h)

UK South DC: between 05:00hrs and 07:00hrs (UTC +1h)

Germany West Central DC: between 06:00hrs and 08:00hrs (UTC +2h)

Central US DC: between 01:00hrs and 03:00hrs (UTC -4h)

US Government DC: between 01:00hrs and 03:00hrs (UTC -4h)

Central Canada DC: between 01:00hrs and 03:00hrs (UTC -4h)

Japan East DC: between 21:00hrs and 23:00hrs (UTC +9h)

Australia East DC: between 20:00hrs and 22:00hrs (UTC +10h)


No downtime is expected but some performance degradation might occur during the deployment.

My Training Dashboard “New Look”

As previously announced, with the November 2020 release the new Look for My Training Dashboard becomes default for all LMS365 user across all tenants.

As you may have noticed, the new dashboard experience has been available as a feature preview since August, while continuously being developed. Now it becomes generally available.

You can find more information about this transition in the LMS365 Help Center here:

The Redesigned My Training Dashboard Becomes Default

The upcoming release will also include several improvements to the new dashboard experience.

Single License Key for LMS365

LMS365 has simplified the way licenses are handled by switching to one single license key – instead of the five keys currently required – to fully activate LMS365.

The transition to one single license key has already happened automatically across LMS365 installations. No action is required from your side as a client.

There will be no major changes for client installations. The existing (five separate) app licenses you have had so far, will simply have been converted into one single license.


Please be aware, that this change was already rolled out across data centers.

Manage Enrolments Without Editing Course/Training Plan

With this release we have redesigned how learner enrolments are managed for e-Learning Courses and Training Plans.

The aim is to make it easier for the catalog and course admins to manage enrolments for these training types. This has been done by aligning the approach for E-learning Courses and Training Plan enrolment with the approach for managing enrolments into sessions for session-based training types.

Retake of Already Completed Training

A new possibility to allow learners to retake training will be possible after the November 2020 release.

With this feature we will enable a learner to do retakes of already completed training, without dependance upon the expiration of a certificate or competence.

Catalog and Course Administrators will be able to define for a training, if learners should be allowed this option, to retake a training that was previously completed, “on demand”. They will also be able to trigger a retake for a specific Learner.

New Meeting Hyperlink Field in Email Notification Templates for Webinars

For the Webinar training type, this release will add a new field called “Webinar Meeting Hyperlink” In to the default Email notification template. Clicking the link will take the user to the URL location of the webinar meeting. This is a minor improvement with the aim to eliminate a current inconvenience for users of the meeting URL not being formatted as a clickable link.

Updated Breadcrumbs in LMS365 Admin Areas for Better UX

As part of the general efforts to modernize LMS365 userinterfaces and user experiences the breadcrumbs in LMS365 Admin and Global Settings areas will be updated with this release. The breadcrumbs will more accurately reflect the corresponding navigation steps and left menu location.