LMS365 is the right solution for healthcare as it fits the complex regulatory landscape, the rapidly changing regulations and the need to ensure a high level of patient quality


To prove compliance in an industry where security breaches can have serious consequences, it is crucial to  easily track staff training. Create reports showing your progress on Patient Privacy and Information Security, Coninuing Education (CE), Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and much more.

A powerful solution

Tak full advantage of your  Office 365  investment by integrating a LMS to your familiar and secure platform. Provide a flexible learning environment accessible from Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and all mobile devices.

Highly skilled employees

Stay ahead in your industry by keeping your employees updated on regulations, procedures and new medical technologies.  Empower your employees  by providing training specific for their job role, location and specilization.

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Easier to use

Get full use of your Office 365 platform

LMS365 allows you to take full advantage of Office 365. Drag and drop content from PowerPoint, Word, Microsoft Stream and much more when creating courses to give the best learning experience. Being able to track and report learning progress is key in most organization. That’s why LMS365 has integrated ready-made PowerBI dashboards making it possible to provide interactive and nice visual reports with just a few clicks.

  • Add Content from the Office 365 suite
  • Supports SCORM and AICC
  • Ready-made Power BI dashboards
  • Third party content packages
Faster to deploy

Start training today

Stay ahead in today’s fast paced environment. With LMS365 you will have a complete learning management solution up and running within just a couple of hours as everything runs within Microsoft Cloud. LMS365 plugs right into your existing Office 365 or SharePoint platform, providing a LMS that is already fully integrated with most of your IT landscape. This means that employees can easily access using their Office 365 login and navigate in the familiar environment.

  • Off to a good start with the fast-track
  • Based within in Microsoft Cloud
  • Plugs right into your existing platform
  • Fully integrated with Azure AD