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Product Release: Cloud Enrollment Flow and Email Notifications

We are excited to announce the new release of LMS365 Cloud. This new version of our Office 365 LMS includes powerful tools for the enrollment process in courses.

The 2 new major features of the release are added to the Course Creator & Catalog Add-in:

  • Enrollment Flow Management feature
  • Email notification feature
Screen shot of new LMS365 Cloud features for Enrollment Flow and Email notifications in Office 365

Enrollment Flow

Courses are not always allowed to be access by every one in a company, but with the enrollment flow features a company can ensure that courses with special permissions have management approval before an employee can access the course.

Enrollment approval is divided into 3 levels:

  • LMS Administrator approval (owners of site where course catalog is installed)
  • Line Manager approval (AD manager only)
  • Automatic approval (requests are automatically created with status enrolled)

Email Notifications

Ensure that users are notified about their training activities through email. LMS365’s email notifications feature does just that. A company can set up a number of email templates for different scenarios and will send out notifications based on these scenarios through Office 365 (by default).

Configurable email templates:

  • Enrollment Approval Request/Reminder
  • Confirmation for Course Completed/Enrollment/Cancellation/Pending Approval/Reject

Other enhancements

  • New and improved User Interface and flow for the Course Creation and update pages
  • LMS Settings Page in Course Catalog Settings (for managing enrollment flows and notifications)
  • Pending Approval tabs in Dashboard and Course Catalog add-in Part
  • Changes in the course list such as:
    • Option to filter courses with requests that are pending approval
    • Page with course requests with ability to export to excel

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