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Customer Story

Industry: Glass Container Manufacturer

Location: Ohio, United States

Established 1903

Website: www.O-I.org

Project delivered by

The interface is user-friendly and straightforward. Our successful adoption
is to a great extent attributed to the
LMS365 dashboard and its interface.”

Christian Cherlea
Europa SAP Knowledge Lead


O-I specializes in providing high quality glass packaging for food, drink, tableware, alcohol, non-alcoholic beverages and the pharmaceutical industry. With locations in the Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe, spanning 78 plants in 23 countries, O-I has incorporated sustainability into their business practices for over a century, reducing energy usage, carbon emissions while increasing the amount of recycled glass within their manufacturing processes while expanding globally.

Business Challenges

  • Needed a way to monitor the training of internal staff.
  • Difficulty tracking the learner's attendance and course completion.
  • Had high demand for training at all levels, around the clock, across different locations.


  • A learning platform that integrates with Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft SharePoint.
  • A system designed for learners on all levels.
  • A system with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.


  • After implementation, the internal learners in the company showed positive reactions. They felt inspired to learn, it fed their engagement and sparked their curiosity.
  • The newly acquired LMS365 took the guesswork out of training, making the process more streamlined.
  • The company's learning management strategy now enables monitoring, reporting and automation.

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