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Product Release: LMS365 | Quiz Builder

We are excited to announce the release of the LMS365 | Quiz Builder feature for our cloud learning management system in Office 365. The Add-in is now available in the Office Store

Screen shot of new LMS365 quiz builder feature for Office 365

What is the Quiz Builder?

LMS365 consists of Add-ins for Office 365 to build a complete learning management environment within Office 365. The Quiz Builder Add-in makes it possible to create, deliver and track quizzes to support learning processes.

Why using quizzes?
The effectiveness of online training is crucial to measure. With the new Quiz features employees can test themselves and the knowledge they gain from their training. Managers can get an overview of the results and determine if further training is required. Finally, training managers will get valuable input to evaluate the quality of their eLearning content.

Quiz Builder Highlights

  • Select between 3 question types: Multiple Choice, Multiple Answers and True/False.
  • Share quizzes across courses and team sites within the same Site Collection.
  • Add quizzes as standalone learning modules or include them into multi content learning modules.
  • Generate advanced reporting and track results on learner or quiz level
  • Define max attempts and set the quiz passing score.

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