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Image showing how to create a LMS365 course using Office 365 and SharePoint Online

Course Creator

Create courses with collaborative learning power.

LMS365's Office 365 Course Creator turns content into full-blown, formalized courses that enable enrollment and make the most of Office 365®’s collaborative features.

Define course front pages with course overviews, target audiences, search tags, training timeframes, and learning goals. Specify course categories, make courses mandatory, and decide which courses to publish into the Online Course Catalog. Associate supporting materials from new or existing SharePoint® and OneDrive® documents. Create blogs, discussion areas, wikis, and calendars. Inform and motivate with newsfeeds. Secure access using SharePoint security. Capture complex course configurations as templates to make creating common course types easy.

Abstract image of a LMS365 course catalog in Office 365

Course Catalog

Make sure no opportunity to learn goes unnoticed.

LMS365's Office 365 Course Catalog gives learners an efficient, dynamic way to find the education that’s most relevant to their needs.

Display a list of all courses or allow learners to search by category. Identify required courses and due dates. Show learners which courses they’re already taking. Let SharePoint security determine which courses learners can see. One click is all it takes to enroll in or un-enroll from a course. Course administrators are automatically notified as learners come and go.

Image showing a LMS365 training dashboard withing Office 365 and SharePoint Online

Training Dashboard

Get an instant, personalized training overview

LMS365's Office 365 Training Dashboard brings gamified learning to the Office 365 experience. Create a friendly yet competitive learning environment where recognition and rewards motivate learners to be the best on their team.

Make a personal training overview available to learners within Office 365. Show courses learners are taking, courses in progress, courses completed, Continuing Education Units (CEUs), certificates obtained, and a Leader Board ranking the Top 10 learners.

Image depicting how to create a LMS365 learning path for Office 365

Learning Module Builder

Deliver efficient, multi-step learning―without frustration.

LMS365's Office 365 Learning Module Builder lets you combine quizzes, SCORM training, and any SharePoint content into a pre-defined learning module with sequenced learning steps. Learners move to the next step only after they’ve completed the last, ensuring gap-free training and allowing them to see where they are in the overall learning process. There’s no better way to expose learners to new concepts in the most efficient order—and to ensure learners don’t get confused or lost along the way.

Image depicting the Office 365 SCORM Player LMS and SharePoint Online

SCORM Player

Deploy SCORM training to any global workforce in minutes.

LMS365's Office 365 SCORM Player lets you add SCORM-based training to any desired SharePoint page in any application or publication. Just point the SCORM Player to any SCORM 1.2 or 2004 package and your training is available globally and secured by Office 365.

Need to deliver a richer learning experience? Use LMS365's Office 365 Course Creator to turn any SCORM package into a full-blown, formalized course with enrollment and social networking features.

Illustration of how users are informed about their corporate cloud e-learning progress in Office 365

My Learning

Ensure learners continually learn.

LMS365's My Learning feature helps learners stay on top of their training efforts. Display progress for each open training session. Allow learners to resume any training session with a click—on any device and from any application. Provide learners with personalized SCORM statistics for the training sessions they’ve completed, including:

  • Completion status
  • Pass/Fail Status
  • Points correct
  • Percent correct performance
Abstract image of Office 365 learning management administration and reporting features

Administration & Reporting

Manage and track corporate e-learning from a central point.

Use LMS365's Office 365 LMS Administration and Reporting feature to configure, control, and track the complete learning experience:

  • Global course catalog management, including categories, tags and general configuration
  • Enrollment flows and notifications
  • Email templates
  • Certificate templates
  • SCORM content management
  • Global reporting and analytics, including detailed learner and course statistics
  • Language settings
Abstract image of building a quiz for e-learning with Office 365

Quiz Builder

Test knowledge, improve know-how.

Use LMS365's Office 365 Quiz Builder to create attractive, easy-to-use quizzes that let learners test and demonstrate their knowledge. Place each quiz on its own dedicated "home" page, embed it next to relevant content on any SharePoint page, or include it in any LMS365 course. Build quizzes with three different question types and add them as standalone modules to your course or include the quiz in any Office 365 Learning Module.

Access advanced reporting for full tracking of results based on learners or quizzes. Reports can be exported to Excel and easily shared with HR, managers etc.

Abstract image of an assignment and grade for e-learning with Office 365

Assignment Manager with Grade Book

Create, manage, track, and grade course assignments.

Use the Office 365 Assignment Manager to create single or multiple assignments and assign them to individuals, groups, or the class. Control assignment visibility by setting open, due, and closed dates. Define grading scales, grading periods, and languages as needed.

Provide learners with a master list of assignments and due dates from all open training sessions. Learners need only open, complete, comment, and submit their assignments using Office 365 authoring tools—no email, document posting, or time-consuming uploading and downloading are required.

The Office 365 Grade Book lets you give detailed feedback, calculate overall performance in complex courses, and track learner performance over time.