Learning Management for
the Modern Digital Workplace

A seamlessly integrated and mobile learning management system

Course & Content Management

Create courses and manage content using the full power of the integrated Office 365 and SharePoint platform. Build advanced learning modules within each course.

  • Intelligent Course Creation Wizard
  • Advanced Search-driven Course Catalog
  • Learning Module Builder
  • Quiz Builder
  • SCORM/AICC Player
LMS365 Learning Module Builder

Multiple Course Types & Learning Styles

Not all people learn the same way. And online learning can’t stand alone. LMS365 let’s you combine online learning and classroom training (ILTs) with webinars and blended learning.

  • Online courses using any type of content
  • Classroom Training with integrated room booking
  • Blended learning
  • Webinar courses
  • Multi-session support
LMS365 Classroom Training

Engaging User Experience

Use your Modern Digital Workplace to create a familiar and engaging training experience and secure a high user adoption. The experience starts with each user’s personalized Dashboard. Include gamification and social learning for even higher adoption!

  • Configurable Learner and Manager Dashboard
  • Gamification & Leaderboards
  • Social Learning
  • Badging & Competencies (upcoming)
LMS365 Dashboard

Reporting & Tracking

With LMS365 you are in full control of your own LMS data. With a combination of intuitive on-screen reporting, canned Excel reports, and advanced analytics, the tracking and reporting of individual learners and groups couldn’t be easier.

  • On-screen tracking of live data
  • Canned Excel reports
  • Advanced analytics, using ready-made Power BI dashboards
  • Connect your data to any BI tool, using Odata.
LMS365 Reporting & Tracking

Training Plans

Organize your courses into training plans that include prerequisites. Assign training plans and courses to your Office 365 Groups and Microsoft teams.

  • Training Plans with prerequisites
  • Certification for Training Plans
LMS365 Training Plans

Mobile App

Take your training on the road with our mobile apps! Download courses and take them when you are offline. Results and progress are synchronized when you are back online.

  • Mobile apps for Andriod and iOS
  • Offline Player for SCORM content
More about Mobile Learning
LMS365 Mobile App

Certifications & Compliance

Most organizations are governed by some level of regulation and auditing. With Office 365 and LMS365 your compliance reporting and certification management is put on auto-pilot.

  • Trackable read and understood confirmations
  • Support for automated publishing of SOP’s (standard operating procedures) in the LMS
  • Certification Management and retraining
  • Tracking of CEU’s (continuing education units)
More about Compliance Training
Compliance Training in LMS365


Built natively inside Office 365, your LMS is already fully integrated with most of your IT landscape. Additionally, our modern API allows you to connect your LMS data seamlessly with your HRIS solution, your ERP system, your CRM data, and much more.

  • Well documented and extensive API
  • Use Logic Apps & Flow to integrate your LMS data with other applications
  • Extract your data using Odata
  • Fully integrated with AD (Azure Active Directory)

Add the social element

Make learning easier and more social with the LMS365 integration for Microsoft Teams. Find, take, and track your training without leaving the platform. Integrate your learning activities by adding relevant training to your custom channels based on work streams or topics.

  • Use the LMS365 bot to find your course catalog, training plans or specific courses
  • Suggest courses to your team in the chat
  • Add a dashboard, course, or training plan in your Teams channel
More about LMS365 Teams integration
LMS365 in Microsoft Teams

Waiting List

Make registration as easy for your learners as possible. With the waiting list feature in LMS365, learners will be able to sign up for a course even though it might be full already. The waiting list will automatically add people from the list if an enrolled learner unenrolls.

  • Making it possible to sign up to full course sessions
  • Giving the LMS administrator the ability to add learners to a session even though it’s full
  • Learners have the ability to make requests for new sessions
Waiting Lists in LMS365
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