Human Resource Management

Unleash full flexibility for any working style

Creating a flexible and collaborative working environment – that truly embraces the many different working styles within an organization – is a crucial task. For the HR department as well as for overall company performance.

Employees are spending less time in the office and more time working remotely on their own terms. As a result, flexible working arrangements are quickly becoming the new normal. This transformation is not only generating happier and more productive employees – it is also creating a growing need for more collaborative digital learning tools.

Add LMS365 to your familiar Microsoft Teams platform

We all know the difficulties associated with introducing new external platforms. As part of the Office suite, Microsoft Teams provides a powerful collaboration platform with the option to chat, have online meetings and share material created – all in one place.

And with LMS365, you can even add a complete learning management solution into your familiar Microsoft 365 platform. You see, LMS365 is the only learning platform that can be integrated into Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams – aligning your employees’ learning experience with their daily workload and tasks. In other words: Your entire organization gets to learn without leaving Microsoft Teams.

Enable learning anywhere, anytime, and on any device

LMS365 aligns your users’ learning experience with their daily workload and tasks. Whether they prefer working from Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, or Outlook using their laptop, desktop, mobile phone, or tablet, your learners are empowered to learn using existing and familiar systems.



Explore how RealFoundations uses LMS365 to enable learning globally

Track & report learning progress with LMS365 and Microsoft Power BI


Create customized reports and dashboards

Create interactive, visual dashboards and reports, which are customized to your needs. LMS365 integrates with Power BI making it easy to take charge of your specific data and how it is displayed and shared.


Present training data effectively in no time

LMS365 has ready-made Power BI dashboards to ensure you get reports as the training process moves along. Understand learner data, report to management, and much more, with just a few clicks.


Improve content based on learner data

Learn from the users themselves. Analyze your content and stay informed about areas where employees need further training. Take action based on real data and improve the learner experience.

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Measure results of your great learning efforts

Analyze, learn, and improve your training with LMS365.

Boost training satisfaction and effectiveness

Being able to track and report learning progress is key in most organizations. As L&D teams are responsible for accurately reporting the effectiveness of their training programs, having employee data in a clear, understandable format is imperative and underpins training efficacy as a whole. By incorporating trusted, enhanced data analytics into your learning platform, you can learn from your users on how best to improve your training programs and content.


Are you ready to embrace the major increase in the number of remote workers?

Most organizations are still in the early stages and are handling remote working in a very ad hoc manner. This e-Book is a guide to help organizations embrace the major upsurge in remote workers and get the most from more flexible working conditions.