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It’s easy to see that our world is moving more and more towards the digital. Companies are being empowered and highly encouraged to make the effort to digitally transform their operations for better performance in this fast-paced working environment.

Part of the transformation into a more digital workplace includes creating a flexible working environment based on the right set of digital tools. Collaborative tools that embrace the fact that working remotely is rapidly becoming the new normal. As a result, the market is now awash with tools that promise successful communication and collaboration.

However, we all know the difficulties associated with introducing new external platforms. Even though the potential might be a no-brainer, convincing employees to change their everyday habits can be both a long and often unsuccessful process.

Add LMS365 to your familiar collaboration platform

As part of the Office suite, Microsoft Teams provides a powerful collaboration platform with the option to chat, have online meetings and share material created using your favorite Office suite -all in one place. And with LMS365, you can even incorporate a complete learning management solution into your familiar Microsoft 365 platform -and have it up and running in no time. You see, LMS365 is the only learning platform that can be integrated into Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams – aligning your employees’ learning experience with their daily workload and tasks.

Create an engaging learning experience in Microsoft Teams


Access learning within your daily environment

Corporate learning should no longer be seen as an endpoint but as a continuous process. Make learning an integrated part of an employee’s everyday workflow -accessible anytime, anywhere, and on any device.


Interact, help, and learn from each other

Users can share individual courses within a specific conversation thread or add training as tabs within a channel, where all members can collaborate and help each other throughout the learning process.


Online and classroom training in one place

By combining the direct interaction within the team -meetings, chat, and videos-with the corporate training, LMS365 provides a complete and flexible learning experience inside Microsoft Teams.

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Make the learning experience part of your daily workflow

LMS365 connects eLearning and classroom training, to train, empower, and engage your employees all on the streamlined Microsoft Teams platform. By implementing quality employee training -with LMS365 -into the secure and interconnected Microsoft Teams platform, your organization can easily store vital documents and details all in one place so that they are accessible to your employees when they need them. Empower your employees through learning. Anywhere, anytime, and on any device.


Are you ready to embrace the major increase in the number of remote workers?

Most organizations are still in the early stages and are handling remote working in a very ad hoc manner. This e-Book is a guide to help organizations embrace the major upsurge in remote workers and get the most from more flexible working conditions.