October 27, 2016

Press Release: ELEARNINGFORCE enters new partnership with learning content provider ClipTraining to deliver content to LMS365


ELEARNINGFORCE International is proud to announce their partnership with learning content provider, ClipTraining. ClipTraining has created a library of to-the-point training videos which provide the knowledge needed to be successful when migrating to the latest software or cloud app(s).

ClipTraining is a leading provider of end-user productivity training for Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Windows and the Microsoft Office desktop programs amongst others. ClipTraining helps learners get up to date and stay up to date.

“We’re excited to offer our library of courses on the LMS365 platform. Organizations using Office365’s online and desktop apps now have powerful learning resources on-demand to gain the full ROI of Microsoft’s offering”, says Tim Duggan, CEO of ClipTraining.
“We see a great value for our customers with the combined technology of LMS365 and ClipTraining. A full featured LMS with best in class training content makes for a powerful solution.” adds Lars Vestergaard, VP of Sales at ELEARNINGFORCE.


ELEARNINGFORCE products bring effective learning management to SharePoint ® and Office 365 ®. LMS365 ® blends seamlessly with any established SharePoint ® infrastructure, eliminating complex integration, time consuming development, and unwanted complexity. Learners intuitively access learning plans, courses, personal progress reports, certificates, and more – from anywhere within the daily SharePoint business process. ELEARNINGFORCE International started in 2003 and now has now 4+ million users in more than 40 countries worldwide. ELEARNINGFORCE is a Microsoft Strategic World Wide and Gold Partner.

About ClipTraining

ClipTraining provides a new take on user training that adapts to the current climate. Traditional training in a class room or computer based training takes hours of valuable time and cuts severely into productivity. You can spend days learning, and days then trying to remember what it was you learned. The ClipTraining Library has world’s worth of classroom instruction in to-the-point, tasked-based training clips. From Windows 7 to Microsoft Office to SharePoint, learn what you need when you need.  Visit ClipTraining’s website for more information.