March 15, 2016

Press Release: ELEARNINGFORCE Renames SharePoint LMS and Reveals Future Strategy


LMS365 Becomes All-In-One Brand for On-Premises, Hybrid and Cloud Learning Management in Office 365 and SharePoint

Aarhus, Denmark – March 15, 2016  – ELEARNINGFORCE, the producer of SharePoint LMS and LMS365, learning management solutions for Office 365 and SharePoint, made information public about its future product strategy which includes merging its two solutions into one brand.

Going forward the LMS365 brand will replace SharePoint LMS and encompass ELEARNINGFORCE’s learning management technology for SharePoint Server implementation, as well as the analog product for Office 365.

Until now, SharePoint LMS and LMS365 have been managed as two separate products because SharePoint and Office 365 have had different feature sets and have appealed to two different types of business needs. However, with its continuing investments in Office 365, Microsoft has been paving the way for on-premises customers to adopt a hybrid strategy, enabling them to take advantage of the unique strengths of Office 365 as desired.


‘Microsoft’s cloud and hybrid strategy is a clear benefit for businesses who wish to get the most out of both SharePoint Server and Office 365,’ said Bjarne Mortensen, ELEARNINGFORCE’s CEO. ‘It allows customers to combine the flexibility of on-premises installations and the global reach of the cloud to meet the unique needs of the organization.

‘SharePoint customers increasingly mix the capabilities of SharePoint server and Office 365 to meet business requirements, and want to mix LMS capabilities in the same way. In anticipation of a growing need, we made the strategic decision to rename SharePoint LMS to LMS365 effective immediately. This will bring all of our LMS technology under a single recognized brand name, and allow customers to choose the on-premises/cloud components they need to deliver learning on any on-premises/hybrid/cloud configuration.’

The first technical step of ELEARNINGFORCE’s strategy has already been completed, by making the LMS365 learning management Add-ins deployable on SharePoint 2013/2016 environment. The Add-ins provide customers with cloud driven learning management capabilities for their on-premises SharePoint solutions.

The next step is to bring portions of SharePoint LMS’s extended feature set to the Office 365 environment as it becomes even more powerful. Customers will increasingly be able to choose which LMS components and features they’d like to install where, and will be positioned to continue their SharePoint-based learning management processes no matter how their hybrid environments evolve to meet future business needs.


ELEARNINGFORCE delivers effective learning management technology for SharePoint and Office 365. LMS365 blends seamlessly with any established Microsoft infrastructure, eliminating expensive integration, time-consuming development, and unwanted complexity. Learners intuitively access learning plans, courses, personal progress reports, certificates, and more””from anywhere within the daily SharePoint business process.

ELEARNINGFORCE International started in 2003 and now has 4+ million users in more than 40 countries worldwide. ELEARNINGFORCE is a Microsoft Strategic and Gold Partner and awarded Microsoft Partner of the year in 2012. In 2015 the company was selected as co-selling approved Microsoft ISV partner.