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Measure progress and effectiveness

LMS365 is the only SharePoint LMS that provides accurate, SharePoint-native insight into every learning process, helping you constantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of every course and identify risks before they turn into realities.
SharePoint LMS Course flow

Progress tracking

  • Activity and course tracking for learners and groups
  • Learner and course performance tracking
  • Event participation, task execution, and tool usage tracking
  • Course certifications with expirations and notifications
  • Status from external SCORM-based courses
SharePoint LMS Tracking

Real-time status assessment

  • Personal progress dashboards
  • Management tracking dashboards for learners, groups, and courses
  • SCORM completion tracking
SharePoint LMS Reports

Flexible reporting

  • Learner, group, and course status summaries
  • Certification levels
  • Course effectiveness reports
  • Course program tracking
  • Custom reports
  • HR tools