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Enterprise Compliance Training

Embed advanced compliance publishing and training features directly into each worker’s existing SharePoint-based business process.
Ensure effective compliance training in SharePoint
  • Revolutionary, multi-format document publisher fine-tuned for standard operating procedures
  • State-of-the-art collaborative eLearning and LMS features
  • Comprehensive compliance training, testing, analysis, and reporting functions
  • E-signature compliance acknowledgements
  • Transparent archiving for compliance audits
Global reach with SharePoint LMS

Eliminates complexity

Make the most of SharePoint’s single sign-on, security, document management, collaborative, social, and administration functions.

SharePoint LMS Sign-in options

Ensures workers are always up-to-date

Completely automate the process of delivering and updating corporate, health, safety, financial, regulatory and other procedural content—and ensuring workers are informed and trained to perform as required.

SharePoint LMS site content management

Targets and engages specific workers

Deploy new and revised procedures to any designated audience as soon as laws and regulations change using SharePoint groups and roles.

Enforce collaboration with SharePoint LMS

Accelerates onboarding

Automate post-hire compliance training, testing, and certification for individual SharePoint users, groups, and roles to help new hires become more effective faster.

Effective document management inside SharePoint

Improves compliance training completion rates

Mandatory testing and automated periodic re-testing with reporting helps the organization achieve and maintain required compliance levels.