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Engage users with media-rich training

Combine a wide variety of course types, training materials, and learning methods to deliver instant access to training that makes sense.
Course Types
Add e-learning content into SharePoint LMS learning tools
e-Learning course with documents, quizzes, learning paths, and surveys
e-Learning Content
SharePoint LMS is SCORM and AICC compliant
e-Learning course based on a SCORM or AAIC-compliant package
e-Learning Package
Interactive learning within SharePoint
Learning session with live, audio, video, webcam, and screensharing
SharePoint LMS supports management of off-line learning
Registration and info for classroom-based training
Classroom Learning
Blended learning is part of SharePoint LMS
Course combining e-Learning and classroom-based training
Blended Learning
Use SharePoint for compliance training
Compliance publications with e-Signature acknowledgements?
Compliance Materials
Create a learning program with certificate of completion
Multi-course program with pre-requisites and certification
Course Flow
Blended learning in SharePoint LMS

Course content

  • Create courses from new and existing documents, quizzes, and learning paths
  • Turn existing SCORM and AICC packages into full-featured, collaborative courses with the push of a button
  • Schedule webinars that fuse audio, webcam, and screen-sharing with eLearning
  • Define courses that blend classroom training with online learning
  • Publish procedures, manuals, and other compliance-related documents from the Document Center directly into course catalogs
  • Require e-signatures to verify learners have read and understood materials
SharePoint LMS learning methods

Learning methods and formats

  • Instructor-led training
  • Self-study training
  • e-Learning format
  • Webinar format
  • Classroom format

Learn about SharePoint LMS classroom tools

Course management with SharePoint LMS

Course management

  • Course templates
  • Course content management and tracking
  • Customizable course pages
  • Course catalogs
  • Learning activity calendar synchronization
  • Create, deliver, receive, and correct course assignments
  • Wiki-style course knowledge sharing
  • Learner and instructor dashboards