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LMS365, the SharePoint LMS, is built in SharePoint from the ground up to eliminate risk and at the same time make the most of your organization's existing infrastructure, processes, and know-how.
Global reach with SharePoint LMS

Global reach

  • Instantly deployable
  • Universally available everywhere
  • Reliable uptime with online and offline access
  • Built from the ground up using Microsoft® SharePoint technology
  • Works with SharePoint and every SharePoint application
  • LMS365 is not integrated with SharePoint: it is SharePoint!
SharePoint LMS Sign-in options

AD/FBA/Claims user management

  • Utilize existing user management
  • Role-based security model
  • Single sign-on
SharePoint LMS site content management

Centralized administration

  • Standard SharePoint administration processes
  • Standard SharePoint interfaces
  • Configure and manage from anywhere in the world
Enforce collaboration with SharePoint LMS

Collaborative environment

  • Enables personalized learning experience
  • Promotes relationship building across boundaries
  • Links distributed workforces into training
  • Helps learners help other learners, regardless of location
Effective document management

Integrated document management

  • Minimizes uploading of course-related documents
  • Makes course materials downloadable
  • Allows sharing of joint-effort documents
  • Enables access to multilingual course content
Access SharePoint LMS from Office 365

Office 365® integration for hybrid configurations

  • Built-in access to mail, calendaring, tasks, contacts, and chat
  • Seamless access to document libraries
Localized SharePoint LMS environment

Multi-lingual interfaces

  • Makes multi-lingual user interfaces easy via SharePoint
  • Enables customization using SharePoint techniques
  • Easy to tie in data from other SharePoint applications