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Customer Story

Industry: Health Care

Location: United States

Staff: 250

In production since: 2012

Website: www.risingms.com

Project delivered by
Immersion Consulting
ELEARNINGFORCE Strategic Partner

The transition to LMS365 has been smooth and we’re very glad we made the switch. It’s not only compatible with SharePoint—it is SharePoint.

Rick Thompson
VP Talent Management & Administration

Rising Medical Solutions

Rising Medical Solutions (RMS) provides medical cost containment, care management and financial management services to the workers’ compensation, auto, liability and group health markets.

Based in Chicago, Illinois and founded in 1999, Rising started as a two-person team in a one-room suburban office. The company today serves clients nationwide with multiple office locations and employees in 13 states.

Business Challenges

  • Rising’s rapid growth, fast-changing rules, regulations and compliance requirements, complexity of client-specific procedures, and expanding product/service offerings created a need for employee training and development
  • Developed Rising U to house online training, using a Software as a Service (SAAS) vendor and hired a full-time administrator who was the only person who could perform LMS administration functions
  • After adaption of SharePoint® for their corporate intranet, all documents and materials were moved to SharePoint, but they had no one to manage their training


  • Searched for a SharePoint-based LMS, and quickly discovered the options were limited
  • First decided to go with a different vendor that billed itself as less expensive and easier to use in a corporate setting
  • During six trial months they were never able to get the LMS up and running
  • RMS turned to LMS365—and within four months launched the “New Rising U”
  • Immersion Consulting worked with RMS every step of the way to guarantee a smooth transition


  • To aid the transition, RMS created a very simple online course to help people become familiar with the features of LMS365 and navigate around the New Rising U
  • Existing “home-grown” SCORM-based courses were transferred from their old LMS to SLM365, sprucing them up a bit using Articulate Storyline®
  • Now RMS have a number of people contributing content. They can create a “quick and dirty” courses on the fly. Administering the LMS is no longer anyone’s full-time job
  • The level of configuration makes the LMS very flexible to fit RMS needs

Download the full case story (pdf)