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  • TENTE International

    TENTE uses LMS365 to drive knowledge and adoption of Office 365

    Industry: Manufacturing

    Location: Wermelskirchen, Germany

    Established: 1923

    We are making a big investment in Office 365. LMS365 is showing what is possible with these tools and driving adoption through a great learning experience. Ultimately that will deliver huge business benefits through better collaboration, better projects and greater efficiency.

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  • Maersk Container Industry

    MCI uses LMS365 to deliver learning to external service providers around the world

    Industry: Manufacturing and Logistics

    Location: Denmark

    Established: 1991

    LMS365 has helped us to deliver training to a wider audience than ever before. It is essential for us and for our customers that we improve the technicians’ level of technical knowledge. Having a highly qualified service provider network reduces costs and ensures smooth everyday operations across the world.

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  • RealFoundations

    RealFoundations leverages Microsoft Teams and LMS365 for global employee training

    Industry: Real Estate

    Location: Dallas, TX

    Established 2000

    It was an extremely pleasant surprise when I discovered that LMS365 developed what has proven to be an intuitive and useful add-in for Microsoft Teams. Now, we can collocate learning courses and training plans we have authored alongside the conversation and file collaboration experience already native within Teams.

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  • AseraCare

    LMS365 advances a continuous learning culture at AseraCare

    Industry: Healthcare

    Location: Plano, TX

    Established: 1993

    Having LMS365 as a life-long learning platform will allow AseraCare to recruit the best clinical talent, ensure continuous learning for that talent and provide an exceptional experience for each person and family we serve.

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  • Keoghs

    Keoghs implements their training platform in SharePoint online with LMS365

    Industry: Legal services

    Location: Bolton, UK

    Established 1968

    I’m delighted to say that we’ve seen delivery after delivery of that roadmap and seen the roadmap itself enhanced over time. LMS365 couldn’t be a better fit for our approach to learning solutions.

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  • Priva

    Priva selects a training platform that fits their organizational growth with LMS365

    Industry: Sustainable Technologies

    Location: De Lier, Zuid-Holland

    Established: 1959

    LMS365 is the right fit for Priva because we already use SharePoint Online for multiple purposes. Additionally, the integration with standard Microsoft tools is important because we also use Microsoft tools to build Priva cloud services for our customers.

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  • Applied Technical Services

    LMS365 redefines compliance training at ATS

    Industry: Engineering, Testing and Inspection Services

    Location: Marietta, GA

    Established: 1967

    We needed an LMS that was aligned with our long-term IT strategy. One that could meet our training needs while evolving with our growing Microsoft 365 infrastructure.

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  • Nye Veier

    Nye Veier increases their performance with LMS365

    Industry: Governmental

    Location: Kristiansand, Norway

    Established: 2016

    SharePoint with LMS365 as an add-in is a seamless and convinient solution from an end-user point of view. It keeps the same look and feel.

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  • Andrade Gutierrez

    LMS365 helps making learning easier for Andrade Gutierrez

    Industry: Engineering & Construction

    Location: Belo Horizonte, Brazil

    Established: 1948

    A great gain for us is that we now have a solution that constantly keeps improving. It is very important for us to know that we continue to have a robust platform.

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  • Penspen

    Penspen develops a culture of learning with LMS365

    Industry: Oil and Gas

    Location: Richmond Upon Thames, UK

    Established: 1954

    LMS365 helps us solve the cultural and administrative challenges of bringing a learning mindset into the organization by giving us the means to provide a central learning experience to support our employees in developing their personal knowledge capital.

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  • City of Ballarat

    City of Ballarat journey's as a learning organisation with LMS365

    Industry: Governmental

    Location: Ballarat, Australia

    Established: 1994

    LMS365 was seen to best support our enterprise wide learning and development initiatives as it tightly integrated with the Azure Directory Services/Office 365 architecture. LMS365 offers great potential for us to support our 70-20-10 blended learning strategy.

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  • ComplianceEase

    ComlianceEase discovers the competitive edge of LMS365

    Industry: Financial Services

    Location: Burlingame, CA

    Established: 2001

    They've made a commitment to keep improving LMS365. We've seen that and it validates the investment that we've made.

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  • Blue Water Shipping

    Blue Water Shipping ensures a broad Office 365 adoption with LMS365

    Industry: Transport and Logistics

    Location: Esbjerg, Denmark

    Established in: 1972

    There is simply no better platform for communication, collaboration and learning. Also the last thing we needed was to deploy and maintain yet another service to train the workforce on our new digital workspace.

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    The Washington Health Benefit Exchange helps employees' skills stay current with LMS365

    Industry: Health Insurance

    Location: Olympia, WA

    Established: 2011

    We got all the information we needed, and we don’t have to use the enrolment report anymore. It was wonderful that we could do it through the learning management system because it allowed us to gather the information in such a way that we could get statistics we needed.

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  • O-I

    O-I selects a training platform that fits their organizational growth with LMS365

    Industry: Glass Container Manufacturer

    Location: Perrysburg, OH

    Established in: 1903

    The interface is user-friendly and straightforward. Our successful adoption is to a great extent attributed to the LMS365 dashboard and its interface.

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  • Inenco Group

    LMS365 makes learning efficient and easy for Inenco Group

    Industry: Industrial Engineering

    Location: Chullora, New South Wales

    Established: 1954

    We were excited to learn that LMS365 integrates well with Office 365 which meant one less separate system. Our users have found it easy to use and have been powering through the training that is currently offered. We have no regrets in implementing this system and look forward to utilising it further.

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  • Hammer Residences

    LMS365 helps employees at Hammer Residences feel supported through training

    Industry: Nonprofit - Human Services

    Location: Wayzata, MN

    Established 1923

    Having a system that is integrated into a program we already use (SharePoint) helps us disseminate information more efficiently, thereby creating better person-centered care for the individuals they support.

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  • Florida Department

    The Florida Department of Agriculture standardizes learning with LMS365

    Industry: Government Administration

    Location: Orlando, FL

    Established: 1969

    LMS365 gives us the necessary functionality to create, deliver, track and manage training for employees on an enterprise level and across applications.

  • Goodwill Industries

    Goodwill Industries of Southern Piedmont creates a vision for the future with LMS365

    Industry: Non-profit Organization

    Location: Charlotte, NC

    Established 1902

    With the help of LMS365, Goodwill SP established Goodwill University and has been able to create a vision for learning for the organization.

  • Tecton

    Tecton relies on LMS365 for specialized training for its unique manufacturing process

    Industry: Custom Fiberglass Pultrusion Manufacturer

    Location: Fargo, ND

    Established in: 1992

    We’re heavy users of SharePoint and we’re going to stretch the limits with LMS365. There is a lot on the roadmap and we’re going to be using it for almost every type of learning activity in every job role.

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  • Vision Group Holdings

    LMS365 helps establish a consistent learning experience at Visions Group Holdings

    Industry: Retail Medical

    Location: West Palm Beach, FL

    Established: 1999

    You have certain expectations of a LMS regardless of the provider, but the power of LMS365’s ability to leverage Office 365 content and turn it into courses quickly is a major differentiator.

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  • Buchanan Group

    Buchanan Group standardizes training with LMS365 in a highly regulated industry

    Industry: Funeral, Cemetery, Manufacturing

    Location: Indianapolis, IN

    Established: 1998

    LMS365 has been a perfect fit for Buchanan Group due to its flexibility. It has all the features needed to handle our more complicated and demanding courses, but even simple courses can still be set up with just a few clicks.

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  • Forte & Tablada

    Forte & Tablada delivers consistent training with the LMS built for Office 365

    Industry: Civil Engineering

    Location: Baton Rouge, LA

    Established in: 1961

    Implementing LMS365 has been a catalyst in increasing the overall use of our company intranet as employees are now accessing regularly to complete training.

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  • ANCA

    ANCA needed a multi-lingual solution for their 9 international offices

    Industry: Machine Manufacturers

    Location: Worldwide

    Established: 1974

    LMS365 gave us a one solution across all locations that others really were not able to.

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  • CoVantage Credit Union

    CoVantage Credit Union increases learning efficiency and effectiveness with LMS365

    Industry: Financial Services

    Location: Antigo, WI

    Established: 1953

    The visuals provided by LMS365 create fun learning—simple and sweet! I do not believe anything will ever replace face-to-face training, but ITS has given us the opportunity to provide the best-of-the-best in training when we can’t physically be there.

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  • Fieldale Farms Corporation

    Fieldale Farms automates and tracks company-wide training with LMS365

    Industry: Food production

    Location: Cornelia, GA

    Established: 1972

    The system creates a personalized learning environment for each employee, which allows them to concentrate much more.

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  • Assevero

    Assevero delivers content in a reliable and cost-effective way with LMS365

    Industry: Cybersecurity Consulting

    Location: Annapolis, MD

    Established: 2006

    LMS365 works well for us. It is inexpensive and easy to use, yet has advanced administrative features.

  • CMG

    The Community Mutual Group needed a way to deliver essential training to their staff

    Industry: Financial Services

    Location: New South Wales, Australia

    Established: 1969

    We saw immediate improvements. The administrative burden of delivering, assessing, and recording learning material has all but disappeared.

  • CNIB

    CNIB needed an online LMS to train their staff across the country in 53 offices

    Industry: Non-profit

    Location: Toronto, Canada

    Established: 1918

    Finding an accessible, customizable, bilingual learning management system was a challenge. To find one that built upon our existing SharePoint framework was an added bonus in terms of development speed.

  • Satfiel Service

    Satfiel Service uses LMS365 to deliver the necessary training to their employees

    Industry: Service and Repair

    Location: Penafiel, Portugal

    Established: 1996

    We found LMS365 to be an intuitive user-friendly application that was perfectly adaptable to our Office 365/SharePoint Online intranet portal. Our training needs are now almost fulfilled and we rely on LMS365 to continually bring new features and developments to ease our training process.

  • Rising Medical Solutions

    Rising Medical Solutions gets a LMS that fully integrates with SharePoint

    Industry: Healthcare

    Location: Chicago, IL

    Established: 1999

    The transition to LMS365 has been smooth and we’re very glad we made the switch. It’s not only compatible with SharePoint — it is SharePoint.

  • Success Metrics

    LMS365 helps train for growth and plan for the future at Success Metrics

    Industry: Management Consulting

    Location: St. Louis, MO

    Established: 2015

    ITS guided Success Metrics through the implementation process of LMS365 in the cloud and helped establish the learning environment that addressed our needs and the needs of our customer.