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LMS365 On-Premises
Learning Management for SharePoint®

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SharePoint LMS engaging user experience

Deliver modern, effective training

LMS365, The SharePoint LMS, lets you intuitively combine new and existing training elements, documentation, materials, media, communication channels, and learning methods to deliver a media-rich training experience learners find valuable.

  • Quizzes and learning paths
  • SCORM and AICC-compliant packages
  • Process-relevant documents authored in any tool
  • Webinars
  • Blended classroom training
  • Instructor-led and self-study workflows
  • Embedded procedures, manuals, and other compliance documents
  • “Yes, I read the stuff” e-signature compliance acknowledgements

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SharePoint LMS Dashboard

Measure progress

Training without measurement is unlikely to deliver measurable results. LMS365's SharePoint LMS Analytics include real-time measurement and reporting that deliver a clear picture of learner progress and program effectiveness.

  • Course participation, completion, and performance tracking
  • Course certifications
  • Personal progress dashboards
  • Management progress tracking and assessment dashboards
  • Customizable reports

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SharePoint LMS Enrollment and registration

Automate SharePoint LMS processes

Scalable technology is valueless if the effort needed to manage a process is too great. LMS365 is the SharePoint Learning Management System that puts the entire learning process on autopilot.

  • Course participation, completion, and performance tracking
  • Mandatory and optional enrollment
  • Role-based managerial assignment
  • Personalized course flows
  • Online course catalogs
  • Self-registration and waiting lists
  • Management controls and approvals
  • Automated notifications

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Competency management with SharePoint LMS

Manage competencies

Translating business goals into employee actions is pointless without a managed effort to develop the required competencies. LMS365's SharePoint LMS Competency Management makes managing workforce development intuitive and easy.

  • Competency framework creation
  • Real-time employee skill gap analysis
  • Competency development plan modeling
  • Automatic translation of development plans into LMS activities
  • Development plan tracking and reporting

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Capitalize on SharePoint

Capitalize on SharePoint®

Why build competencies and ignore them? LMS365's native SharePoint LMS power uses your existing SharePoint® infrastructure, processes, and know-how to the max to create a state-of-the-art learning platform that works the way your business—and your learners—already work. No separate-but-integrated alternative can even come close.

  • Global reach via SharePoint® infrastructure
  • Customizable, SharePoint®-based interfaces
  • Integrated document management
  • AD/FBA/Claims user management
  • Easy, centralized administration
  • Rich collaborative environment
  • Personalized experience

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