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Run LMS365 on Windows Azure Cloud infrastructure Services

SharePoint LMS runs on Windows Azure Cloud infrastructure

A scalable, on-demand cloud infrastructure for LMS365, the SharePoint LMS

With both SharePoint 2010 and 2013 on the official Microsoft support list for Windows Azure Virtual Machines, ELEARNINFORCE’s customers and partners are able to use the scalable, on-demand Azure Cloud infrastructure to deploy learning worldwide.

Windows Azure Virtual Machines are generally available

Windows Azure Cloud Infrastructure Services

On April 16, 2013 a major milestone for Windows Azure was reached. Microsoft finally announced that Windows Azure Virtual Machines and Virtual Network were generally available. Since June last year Microsoft has offered their Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). With the recent General Availability (GA) announcement followed the introduction of monthly SLAs guaranteeing 99.95 percent availability for the service and 24/7 support. Furthermore there is the ability to run Virtual Machines on Azure servers with both 28GB and 56GB of memory, compared to the previous limit of 14GB during the introduction period.

Description og Windows Azure and how SharePoint LMS fits into the infrastructure

What is Windows Azure Virtual Networks & Virtual Machines?

Windows Azure Virtual Network allows Microsoft to link through the corporate firewall to an organization’s internal network, connecting virtual and physical machines running on internal data centers and in Azure cloud using a single network. Easily create a virtual machine running the Windows Server operating system in the cloud that you can access and customize and deploy your SharePoint Learning Management System on.

WAdvantages og running SharePoint LMS on Windows Azure Virtual Machines and Networks

Advantages of Virtual Machines & Virtual Networks

Virtual Machines and Virtual Network help you meet changing business needs by providing on-demand, scalable infrastructure. Build new or extend your existing data centers and workloads into the cloud using your existing skills and investments. With these new infrastructure services, you can:

  • Provision new Microsoft SharePoint farms in minutes without up-front hardware investments. Integrate full-trust code to run rich apps and business logic, and provide internet facing collaboration sites on SharePoint that scale with your business needs.
  • Build hybrid Microsoft SharePoint farms by connecting your on-premises Active Directory identities and Office 365 identities for single sign on to SharePoint Online and Azure SharePoint farm.
  • Embrace rapid innovation using the cloud for development and test scenarios. Simply spin up any test lab or sandbox within, and be agile in your learning, development, and prototyping. When you are done, tear it down, bring your solution back in house to run it using your on-premises infrastructure, or keep it in the cloud. The choice is yours.
  • You can easily provision and manage Virtual Networks & Virtual Machines from the Windows Azure Management Portal or use PowerShell to automate it all.